Will I get an MTO certificate to apply for an insurance discount, and take my driving test 4 months earlier, if I attend your driving school?

.Students who have completed all in-class and in-car sessions will be certified online with the MTO by Canadian School of Motoring Inc. Students who need verification will need to get their driving history from the MTO. This is required by the insurance company to verify their driving record and can only be obtained by the individual driver who must attend a ServiceOntario office in person and ask for "Proof of driver's education course completion" The ServiceOntario office is located on Dissette St next to Don Cherry's in Bradford, and, on the Southwest corner of Yonge and Davis in Newmarket. Students may also pick up proof of Driver's Ed on Parsons Rd, Alliston. The MTO will charge $12.00 for this service.

I would feel uncomfortable in the car if my friends are sitting in the rear seat. Can I take my lessons privately?
Yes, all in car lessons are private with only you and the instructor. You may also choose a male or female instructor.
I will be unable to attend a session in the classroom, will that be a problem?
No, if you need to miss a session you will be able to attend the same session on the next course at no extra cost. As long as you complete all the classroom sessions A-D..
What will I learn in the classroom?
We use an MTO approved curriculum written exclusively for Canadian School of Motoring Inc. along with the most modern videos on the market and with local newspaper clippings you will gain enough knowledge to start in the car with a degree of confidence.
I am not the quickest learner and am afraid I could not learn at the same pace as the other students
Our Instructors are very experienced at teaching to the individual and not on a fixed program. We will go at your speed and will not put you in any situation you cannot handle.
Do I need to finish all the in-class before I start my in-car lessons?
No, in-car lessons may start any time after you have completed the first 5 hours in class.
How long are my in car lessons?
Lessons are scheduled individually with each student depending on your schedule and the instructors schedule,they maybe 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours for a total of 10 hours behind the wheel training.
I have a very busy schedule; can I take my lessons on a weekend?
Yes, we book your lessons around your available times.
I am paying for the course myself. Do I need cash up front?
We accept Visa,Visa Direct, Mastercard, Discover Card,Diners Club,Cheques, and even cash(We do not accept cheques from PC Financial). You may also pay via email transfer, just discount the amount by your bank fee and send to bob@canadianschoolofmotoring.com. With our easy-pay plan you may pay as you go but your lessons will not be completed until the payment is received in full.
Other driving schools teach how to avoid collisions. Do you teach this?
Yes of course. We teach head on avoidance, gravel shoulder drop off, rear crash avoidance etc.
How soon can I take my G2 test?
You may take your test one year from the date you passed your G1 test, however with a completed drivers education program this will be reduced to eight monts. You must complete all your inclass and incar sessions and be certified before you can book your test.
What is the cost of your program?

The Full cost is $499.00 plus HST but does not include the MTO road test. If you are shopping around for prices, make sure there are no hidden fees from other schools, some will charge extra to pick you up at home, extra for the MTO certification and also an administration fee.

When you paid for your G1 Licence the cost of the G2 test was included at that time. If you wish to use a school car for your test an extra charge will apply, otherwise you may take your own car at no cost to you.

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